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The Maryland Chiropractic Association (MCA) is a professional organization dedicated to elevating the chiropractic profession by educating the public and advancing chiropractic care for the citizens of Maryland.

Founded in 1928, members of MCA are dedicated to excellence in chiropractic techniques and procedures. Because of our emphasis on continued education and training, our members are leaders in chiropractic procedures.

The MCA also serves as chiropractic's liaison with state and federal agencies, as well as with other state and national chiropractic associations.

What's New



As of May 15, 2013, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners and Massage Therapy Examiners will implement major Revisions to the administration of the CA Program.


Please click here to read and print out the revisions.

This information is critical to supervising chiropractors.




Click here for important information on the Definition of Appropriate Examination.


Click HERE to see a great PR video on low back pain and chiropractic.


Save the Date

October 17-19, 2014
2014 Fall Convention & CE Forum
Turf Valley Resort
2700 Turf Valley Road
Ellicott City, Maryland 21042


Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling

Dear Doctor,

The season will be changing soon as will the activities and pace of our lives and our patients’ lives. You know what that means….new aches and pains and injuries. Are you ready to change your clinical paradigm to meet the demands and needs of all your patients? I am not talking about the ones you help.  I mean the ones who do not respond; who prove challenging; and who leave seeking other care. Well, I submit that you may be able to keep those in most need, if you are willing to adapt and grow with a very effective treatment that is more chiropractic in principle and application than many things you may be doing today.

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling is one of the most effective treatments available for soft tissue malfunction/dysfunction. This technique improves those soft tissues that are locked --yes locked--just like our synovial joint fixations. There is no better partner for the synovial joint adjustment than the dry needling of the soft tissue system.

The word is out…..entire national football league teams are adopting Dry Needling Technique into their treatment regimens….So why not you for your patients? No matter how good a doctor you are, and how much your patient’s love you, you can never have too many tools in your tool box to help people achieve and maintain better health.

Whether your patients are top athletes or grandparents, because you care for them, you need the most advanced, up to date treatment protocols to not only achieve their goals, but also to make you, and keep you as the health care provider of choice for them.

The protocols I teach will give you maximum impact with the least discomfort to the patient, and ease the strain on your body to boot. You and your patients will be very pleased with this remarkable technique.

2014 dates TBA

To provide the highest level of training and competency, these classes are kept very small. So don’t delay. Register now as these classes fill quickly!  After this weekend course, you will be ready and able Monday morning to use this highly effective technique on grateful patients. Register online at or call 301-444-4890 and speak to someone on our staff.


David B. Fishkin, D.C., MPH
Dry Needling Institute



Update: East Coast Associations' Independent Providers Network

Dear Doctors:
A quick update on the IPN that the Maryland Chiropractic Association and the Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association have been working on...
The following actions have occurred since our last update:

  • Established the name "East Coast Associations' Independent Providers Network."
  • Completed and legally executed all the corporate and governance documents shortly before the October MCA and VCA Fall conventions.
  • Solicited feedback from MD and VA doctors re: the draft participant contract.  Have incorporated and/or responded to all comments submitted.
  • Next major steps are to (1) decide whether to develop/hire our own administrator and staff or outsource to a company who has successfully built/managed IPNs for other groups and (2) identify and hire the best person or company for this job.
  • The IPN Board has met with and interviewed several candidate individuals and companies in the last two months, including the recent COCSA convention in Atlanta.
  • There is at least one other state who may be interested in joining with us, so we're exploring the pros and cons of that possibility from various perspectives.
  • We'll continue with this research and due diligence over the next few months.
  • We had talked about doing a round of IPN meetings in this fourth quarter of 2012, but have decided to wait until we have solid, final recommendations regarding administration to present to you.
  • Our goal is to hold district meetings in the 1st quarter of 2013, and to have both our administrative plans and participant contract ready to present to the doctors at those meetings.
  • We're all anxious to get this thing going! -- However, the IPN Board's overall philosophy is to do this RIGHT, for the sake of our doctors, their patients, and the profession, rather than rush it through.  In talking to other chiropractic IPAs, we've learned it is very common for this process to take several years (we've been actively working on this project since Spring of 2011).  The outcome is just too important!  So thanks for your patience, understanding, and continued support and enthusiasm!


CareFirst Provider Tools/Information

Please click on each option for more information.

CareFirst Website
5010 & ICD10 information
E-mail & Newsletter Registration
Again, I want to remind you that there are benefits to the MCA membership when they file claims electronically to CareFirst.
Billing electronically:

  • Eliminates incomplete submissions. You are notified if you submit incorrect information, such as incomplete provider or member numbers, partial diagnoses codes, and missing date of onset.
  • Saves time. Office staff won't have to spend time preparing and mailing paper documents, or researching and resending claims that are returned due to incomplete or inaccurate information.
  • Saves money. The need for postage and paper claim forms is eliminated.
  • Faster processing. Without the delays of regular mail, your claims will get processed faster.

So to improve your claims processing experience, CareFirst strongly encourages participating and non-participating providers to submit all claims electronically. This applies to the following types of claims:

  • Initial
  • Adjusted
  • Corrected
  • Medicare Secondary that do not automatically crossover from CMS

Deborah L. Alston
CareFirst BlueCross Blue Shield
Senior Professional Provider Representative
Office - 410 872-3568


Chiropractic Assistant Online Course

Course Pricing (Online and Hands-On)
Staff of MCA Members: $249.00
Staff of Non-Members: $599.00
(DCs, join MCA now, Pay $38/month)

For more information please click here.

Course Includes 76-hours of Online Training and 24-hours of Hands On Training

Hands-On Training (24 hours required)
Contact Dr. Crivelli at to attend hands-on sessions.

ALL sessions will be at the Conte Lubrano building 130 Lubrano Drive, Annapolis Md. from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

2014 Class Dates:
April 26 - Greenbelt Office, max of 12 students
May 31
June 14
July 5

Click here to register now.

Important Notice: CAs are required to be registered as a "CA Applicant" as soon as they are hired.  There are stiff penalties if a CA is found working without first being registered with the board so please do not delay registering any new CAs. CA applicants must complete all requirements within 11 months of registration so their application and documentation can be submitted and they can complete their examination within a one-year period of hire.  Dates of examination can be found in the "Upcoming Events" section of the Board of Examiners Website (link to . CAs must complete their online and hands on training, show a certificate of "Provider Level" Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR training, and submit them with documentation of 480 hours in office training 30 days prior to the date of examination. It is the Supervising chiropractor's duty to document 480 hours of in service training.  They are also required to complete 3-hours of Jurisprudence and Risk Management training however those hours will be provided by the Board on the day of the examination.  Any questions regarding the duties of a supervising chiropractor or the CA application process should be made directly to the Board of Examiners at (410) 767-6500. 


Scope of Practice of Maryland Licensed Chiropractors
RE: Physical Therapy Privileges

This letter is available to all Maryland licensed chiropractors in the event your status to perform and bill for physical therapy services is questioned or challenged by insurance carriers.

Click here to download the letter.


The Chemistry of Discogenic and Disc Herniation Pain

Dr. David Seaman has published an excellent paper on disc pain and herniation in conjunction with the introduction of a new product, NutraDisc.

Click here to read more.